Born and raised in Portland, OR I’ve always had a taste for the creative side of things. In elementary school, the writing bug bit me pretty early. I was creating stories about fantastic lands and spectacular situations. In Jr. High, I began to really dig into my love for drawing and design. I also think comic books had a large influence on my drawing interests as well as my writing. Then High school came, drawing was still the center of my life, creatively, but I was introduced into the world of photography.

Freshman year was all black and white photography using a completely manual camera. All four years of High school I was snapping away photos while also honing my drawing skills. My interest in graphic design began to take shape as I reached my senior year. Funding for college was difficult to come by, so I decided to serve my country and enlist in the United States Navy where I put some creative endeavors on hold to become an Avionics Technician.

The Navy was an amazing experience and allowed me to become the professional individual I am today. I was also able to gain such amazing life experiences that have also shaped who I am personally and professionally. During my 10 years in the Navy, I re-discovered my love for writing in the form of screenwriting. This led me to obtain my Associates degree in Motion Pictures and Television with the Academy of Art University. I separated from the Navy with an honorable discharge and began attending the Art Institute of Portland, studying Digital Film and Video.

I’ve had the great fortune of working with amazing people and experiencing some amazing things. I’ve had the opportunity to be a first time Director of Photography on a short film when no one but the Director was sure of my skills. I’ve worked with NFL Films where running back and forth on the sidelines is almost like being on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. I’ve also had the honor of working on the set of PORTLANDIA along side some of the most talented/hard working people in the business.

I’ve never been one to boast or talk about how great my own work is, but rather let the work speak for itself. I’m always learning something new and I hope I never stop learning. I will continue to push and grow personally and professionally. Thank you for visiting.


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